Victor 1310 Big Print Printing Calculator User Manual

User manual for the device Victor 1310 Big Print Printing Calculator

Victor 1310 Big Print Printing Calculator User Manual

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BIG PRINT FEATUREThe Victor 1310 Big Print Calculator has two modes of operation. Use the 10 / 12 slideswitch to choose the mode of operation. If the slide switch is over the 10, the calculator willoperate as a 10 digit calculator with large print. When the switch is over the 12, thecalculator will operate as a 12 digit calculator with normal print size.TABLE OF CONTENTS1. OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE............................................................ 32. THERMAL PRINTER………………

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CAUTIONS-The calculator must not be covered when turned on. This will cause the unit tooverheat.-Do not use organic solutions such as alcohol to clean the housing.-Do not use or leave the calculator in direct sun light. Areas subject to quicktemperature changes, high humidity and dirt should be avoided.2. THERMAL PRINTERThe Victor 1310 Big Print Calculator features a thermal printer. There is no need to everchange an ink roller or ribbon. The thermal printer can print at a speed of 6 lines perse

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4. KEYBOARD LAYOUT1. Off / NP / P Switch2. Rounding Selector3. Decimal Selector4. 10 / 12 Digit Selector5. Grand Total Switch6. Paper Feed7. Delta Percentage8. Cost9. Sell10. Margin11. Tax Rate Preset12. Tax 113. Tax 214. Back Space15. Percentage16. Grand Total17. Clear Entry / Clear18. Division19. Equal20. Multiplication21. Sign Change22. Numeric Key Pad423. Subtraction24. Addition25. Time / Date Display26. Item Count27. Subtotal / Date28. Total29. Memory Total30. Memory Subtotal31. Memory Subt

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5. SLIDER SWITCH FEATURES1. OFF NP P Printer Selects SwitchOFF The calculator is turned OFF.NP (Non-print)PRINTPrinter is activated only when feed key or non-add/date key ispressed.Printer is activated.2. ↓ 5/4 ↑ Rounding Switch↓All calculations will be rounded down.5/4↑Final result is rounded up if the 1st digit not to be printed is 5 or moreand rounded down if the 1st digit not to be printed is 4 or less.All calculations will be rounded up.3. A 0 2 3 4 F Decimal Point SelectorAMonetary

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6. KEY FEATURES6. [↑]Paper feed keyAdvance the paper roll.7. [Δ%] Delta PercentageAutomatically compares any two amounts and then calculates and prints thedifference between the two numbers and the percentage difference.8. [COST] Cost keyEnter the desired Cost amount and depress the Cost key.9. [SELL] Sell keyEnter the desired Sell amount and depress the Sell key.10. [MARGIN] Profit marginUse to enter the desired profit margin.11. [RATE] TAX rate preset keyUse to enter the desired TAX rate. T

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pending calculation. This function does not clear the Memory or Grand total.18. [÷] Division keyTo divide, enter the number to be divided (dividend) then depress the Divide key.Then enter the second number (divisor) and depress Equals or other keys asnecessary to obtain a result. If the key is depressed repeatedly, it will makesequential division calculations.19. [=] Equal keyPress to get the answer of a multiplication or division calculation.20. [X]Multiplication keyTo multiply, enter the firs

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with “#” mark.S: The calculator prints but does not clear the accumulator.28. [T] Total keyPrints and clears the accumulator. When this key is pressed with the switch in the“GT” position, the result is accumulated automatically in the grand total memory.29. [MT] Memory Total keyPrints the memory total and clears the memory. (Separate from the GT Memory)30. [MS] Memory Subtotal keyPrints but does not clear the memory.31. [M-] Memory Minus keySubtracts the amount entered from memory. If th

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Calculation1.23 − 4.56 + 7.89 = ?Enter123[+]456789[T]Display1.23- 3.33- 3.334.564.56[−][#/S][+]Paper1.234.56- 3.337.894.56+−S+Τ3. ITEM COUNT PRESETTINGPrintPCalculationSetting ItemCount PlusEnter(Press & Hold 3 sec)Display0.0(Blinking) 000.0000.[CE/C][N][+][CE/C]Setting ItemCount Plus MinusRounding5/ & Hold 3 sec) [N](Blinking)[-]0DecimalADigits12GT.Paper0. C0000. C0004. ADDITION / SUBTRACTION WITH ITEM COUNTPrintPEnterCalculation11.32 + 7.98 − 33.33 = ?1132798[N][+][+

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[#/S]333319.30[−][N][T]- 14.030001.- 14.03[CE/C]0.5. GRAND TOTAL MEMORYPrintPCalculation13.20 9.558.30 7.36+ 2.95 18.3324.45 +35.24 =T?EnterRounding5/4Display[CE/C][+][+][+][T].[+][+][+]...[T][GT]DigitsGT12GT13.2021.5024.4524.450. C13.20 +8.30 +2.95 +24.45 Τ+9.5516.9135. +7.36 +18.33 +35.24 Τ+59.6959.69 GΤ6. REPETATIVE CALCULATION WITH REFERENCE TO DATEPrintPCalculation6.54 + 6.54 + 6.54 −7.89 − 7.89 = ?Enter21.09.2001 [#/S]654[+][+][+]

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[−]3.84[T]3.847. ROUNDING FOR ADDITION / SUBTRACTIONPrintPCalculation3.4 + 2.1 = ?Enter3.4[+]2.1[+]Display3.45.55.[T]PrintPCalculation3.4 + 2.1 = ?Rounding↓Enter3.4[+]2.1[+][T]Rounding5/4Display3.45.56.Decimal0Digits12GT.Paper3.4 +2.1 +5. ΤDecimal0Digits12GT.Paper3.4 +2.1 +6. Τ8. RIGHT SHIFTPrintPCalculation5.4321 + 2.34567 = ?Enter5.43212.345767Rounding5/4Display5.43212.3457.777777.7778[+][→][+][T]11Decimal4Digits12Paper5.4321 +2.34567 +7.7788 ΤGT.

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9. CONSTANT MULTIPLICATIONPrintRounding5/4PCalculation2×4=82 × 5 = 102 × 6 = 12Decimal2Digits12Enter24[×][=]Display2.008.005[=]10.005.00 =10.00 ∗6[=]12.006.00 =12.00 ∗GT.Paper2.00 ×4.00 =8.00 ∗10. CONSTANT DIVISIONPrintRounding5/4PCalculation755 ÷ 4 = 188.75409 ÷ 4 = 102.2532 ÷ 4 = 8.00Enter7554Display755.00188.75[÷][=]Decimal2Digits12Paper755.00 ÷4.00 =188.75 ∗409[=]102.25409.00 =102.25 ∗32[=]8.0032.00 =8.00 ∗12GT.

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11. DISCOUNT CALCULATIONPrintPCalculationPrice = $169.50Discount = 14%Total Discount = $23.70Net = $145.77Enter169.514Rounding5/4Display169.5023.73[×][%+][-]Decimal2Digits12GT.Paper169.50 ×14.00 %23.73 ∗145.77145.77 -%12. DELTA PERCENTAGE CALCULATIONPrintPCalculation175,000−125,000= 50,00050,000 ÷ 125,000x 100 = 40%EnterRounding5/4Display125,000.00125000 [Δ%]175000 [=]Decimal2Digits12GT.Paper40.00125,000.00 Δ175,000.00 =50,000.00 Δ∗40.00 Δ%13. PROFIT MARGINPrintPCalculationCost = 10

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14. MEMORY CALCULATIONPrintRounding5/4PCalculation100 + 200900 - 50020 X 712 X 5TotalEnter====?????Display0.100.300.300.[CE/C][+][+][T]100200DecimalF[M+]GT.Paper0.100.200.300.C++Τ[+][-][T]MMM300.900.400.400.300. M+900. +500. 400. Τ207[M+][X][=]MMM400.20.140.400. M+20. x7. =140. ∗125[M+][X][M+]MMM140.12.60.140. M+12. x5. =60. M+[MS][MT]M900.900.900. MS900500MDigits12900. MΤ15. TAX RATE PRESETTINGPrintPCalculationEnter[CE/C]Preset TAX 1 = 7.5% (Press & Hold 3 sec) [RATE]7.5[TAX 1][CE/C]Preset

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16. TAX CALCULATIONPrintCalculationPrice without Tax 1=261.56Price with Tax 1 = ?Price without Tax 1PRounding↑[CE/C]261.56 [TAX 1][+]Display0.261.56281.18Enter[TAX 1][-]281.18261.56Decimal2Digits12GT.Paper0. C261.567.50 T1%19.62 Δ281.18 Τ1+281.187.50 T1%19.62 Δ261.56 Τ1−0. C15300.0018.60 T2%

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Price without Tax 2=300Price with Tax 2 = ?300[+]Price without Tax 2Amount including TAX 1 and TAX 2:200[CE/C][TAX 2]0.300.00355.80[TAX 2][-]355.80300.00[TAX 1][TAX 2][+]200.00200.00252.20200.007.50 T1%15.00 Δ18.60 T2%37.20 Δ52.20 Δ252.20 ∗NOTE: TAX calculations are fixed at 2 decimal positions and resultwill be rounded up if there is a carry over in the third decimalposition.17. DATE AND TIME DISPLAY PRESETTINGPrintPCalculationSet Time to4:37 PMDecimalF12Digits.EnterDisplayPaper[CE/C]0.[TI

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[TIME/DATE][# / S]09-14-200009-14-200017

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9. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSType:Basic Operations:Capacity:Decimal System:Functions:Printer:Paper width:Display:Operating Temp:Dimensions:Weight:Desktop Adding Machine/Calculator, Electronic Print/VFDAddition/subtraction and multiplication/divisionInput and result 12 digits (10 digits in 10 Digit mode)Add mode(A), Floating(F), Fixed(0,2,3,4)4 rules, successive calculation, memory calculation, grand totalmemory, constant calculation, tax calculation, cost, sell andmargin calculation.Thermal Printe

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BIG PRINT™ CARACTÉRISTIQUELa calculatrice Victor 1310 Big Print offre deux modes de fonctionnement. Utilisezl'interrupteur à glissière 10 / 12 pour choisir le mode de fonctionnement. Si l’interrupteur estplacé au-dessus du 10, la calculatrice fonctionnera comme une calculatrice à 10 chiffres età gros caractères. Si l’interrupteur est placé au-dessus du 12, la calculatrice fonctionneracomme une calculatrice à 12 chiffres et à caractères normaux.TABLE DES MATIÈRES1.EN TRETIEN GÉ