Sony PlayStation 3 Eternal Sonata User Manual

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Sony PlayStation 3 Eternal Sonata User Manual

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Electronic Template: BOOKLET - PS3 Cover Ver. 4.01/8" BLEED ZONEDoc: A0229.01FLAT: 9.25" x 5.781"FINISHED: 4.625" x 0.0" x 5.781"2/071/16" SAFETY ZONEThird Party templates are located athttps://www.sceapubsupport.comPRINT/TEXT ZONESFile name: TPBOOKLETPS3cover108.epsNOTE: Turn off “Notes” and “Measurements” layers when printing.Rev 1/4/085.781"NARUTO™: Ultimate Ninja®: STORM software © 2004-2008 NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. NARUTO artwork and elements © 2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO. All Rights

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 2WARNING: PHOTOSENSITIVITY/EPILEPSY/SEIZURESA very small percentage of individuals may experience epileptic seizures or blackouts when exposedto certain light patterns or flashing lights. Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds on a televisionscreen or when playing video games may trigger epileptic seizures or blackouts in these individuals.These conditions may trigger previously undetected epileptic symptoms or seizures in persons whohave no history of prio

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 2GETTING STARTEDUsing the SIXAXIS™ wireless controller (for PLAYSTATION®3)PLAYSTATION®3 system frontSlot coverEject buttonSD*2 MemoryCard slotMemoryStick™ slotCFUSB connectorPort indicatorsCF*1 slotL2 buttonL1 buttonR2 buttonR1 buttonDirectionalbuttonsbuttonbuttonbuttonbuttonLeft stick/L3 button*Right stick/R3 button*SD/miniSD*1 CompactFlash®*2 Secure DigitalInsert the disc with thelabel side facing up.Disc slotSTART buttonPS buttonSELECT buttonPower butt

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 4STARTING THE GAMEThe Title Screen will be displayed when you start the game. Select a menu itemby using the directional pad or the left stick and press the S button or theSTART button to confirm your selection.NEW GAMEgame controlsThis section explains controls for each of the game’s screens. For detailed controlinstructions, see the pages listed for each screen.{F IEL D SCREEN CO N TROLS }see pgs. 7-9Left stick .....................................(Push ligh

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 6game controls{BAT TLE SC REEN CO N T RO L S }see pgs. 18-25FIELD SCREENYou can control the character to explore a variety of places in this screen. Talk to people in towns to gather information, or battle with monsters as you explore dungeons.Left stick .....................................(Push lightly) walk, (push all the way) runS button .....................................Attack (counterattack)S C R E E N D I S P L AYA button ..............................

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 8field screenfield screen{AC T ION SY MB O L S }SHOPSA “!” or “?” may appear when you stand in frontof a sign, ladder, or other objects. These symbolsmean that you can perform an action or examinesomething at that location. Press the S buttonwhen these symbols appear. For example, youcan grab onto a rope or ladder and climb up ordown by moving the left stick. You can also jump down onto ledges or over gaps.If you find yourself stuck, look around for a pl

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 10MAIN MENUMAIN MENUPress the D button at the Field Screen to display the Main Menu. You can selectvarious menu items and change the characters who will fight in battles.MENU SCREENSelect a menu icon by using the directional pad or the left stick and press theS button to display the associated menu. Refer to the appropriate page forinformation about each menu.MENU CO NTRO LS (page 5-6)CHARACTER (page 12-13)Displays a simple status for each character.PLAY T IME /

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 12MAIN MENUMAIN MENU{I TEM P O INT S }{CHANGING EQUIPMENT AND SPECIAL AT TACKS}Items are assigned a number of points according to their effect and importance.You can continue to equip items as long as their combined points do not exceedthe maximum. Note: You can only equip up to 32 items even if the maximumnumber of points has not been reached.Press the S button to change equipment and special attacks. The right side ofthe screen displays any changes to your sta

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:39 PMPage 14MAIN MENUPA RT Y L E V E LParty Level is an indicator of your party’s overall ability. Your Party Level affectsbattle specs such as the Action Gauge and Harmony Chains. You can view yourcurrent Party Level here.PA RT Y LEVELMAIN MENUSCORE PIECESA Score Piece is a fragment of a musical score. It allows you to perform a Sessionwith people that you meet in towns and dungeons. Score Pieces can be obtainedmainly from treasure chests and by searching the world.{ V

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 16MAIN MENUMAIN MENUPIANO MUSICOPTIONSPiano music composed by Chopin will be played as you progress through thegame. You can listen to the music that you have already heard and read background information about it. Select the music by using the directional pad or theleft stick and press the S button.You can change various game settings in this menu. Choose an item by movingthe directional pad or the left stick up or down, and move it left or right to modify that

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 18BATTLE BASICSBATTLE BASICSB AT T L I N G W I T H E N E M I E SBattles can occur after events or when you come in contact with an enemy on theField Screen. The turn order is determined by the Speed stats of the characters.A character’s turn is over once both the Tactical Time and Action Gauge for thatcharacter run out. You win a battle when all the enemies are defeated. You canpause the battle by pressing the START button. By pressing the W button, thecamera

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 20BATTLE actionsMOVING (LEFT STICK)Move a character by using the left stick when it is that character’s time to act.Move the stick just a little to make them walk, or a lot to make them run.USING ITEMS (F BUTTON)Select an equipped item by pressing Q/Eand press the F button to use it. Get close tothe character you wish to use an item on beforepressing the F button.BATTLE actionsS P E C I A L AT TA C K S ( D B U T T O N )Activate a special attack by pressing the

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 22BATTLE actionsBATTLE actionsTARGETINGSKIP A TURN [L3 BUTTON]Opponents that you attack or characters that you use items on are chosen automatically depending on the controlledcharacter’s position and the direction they are facing. If you wish to change targets, try moving closer to them,changing your direction to face them, etc. The attack will miss if there are no targets within range.Press the L3 button to stop performing actions and pass the rest of a char

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 24BATTLE ACTIONSC O U N T E R AT TA C K SBATTLE ACTIONSSTATUS EFFECTS(PRESS THE S BUTTON WHEN AN ENEMY ATTACKS)When “Counterattack” appears next to the attack button and the word “Chance!”appears above the character’s head, press the S button to counterattack insteadof guard. If you are successful in timing the counterattack, the character willbe given 2 seconds on the Action Gauge. Use that time to perform an attack todamage your enemies.Enemy attacks

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 26WARNING: PHOTOSENSITIVITY/EPILEPSY/SEIZURESAVERTISSEMENT : PHOTOSENSIBILITÉ ET CRISES D’ÉPILEPSIEPHOTOSENSIBILITÉ ET CRISES D’ÉPILEPSIEUn très faible pourcentage de personnes peut être victime de crises d’épilepsie ou de pertes de vision(équivalant au phénomène du voile noir) lors d’une exposition à certains motifs lumineux ou clignotants.L’exposition à certains motifs lumineux ou arrière-plans sur un écran de télévision ou en jouant

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 28POUR COMMENCERSystème PLAYSTATION® 3 vu de faceUtiliser la manette sans fil SIXAXIS™ (pour PLAYSTATION® 3)Couvercle à charnièreIndicateurs des portsFente CF*1Connecteur USBtouche R2touche R1touche L2touche L1Bouton d'éjectionFente pour cartemémoire SD*2CFtouchetouchetouchetouchetouchesdirectionnellesFente pourcarte mémoireMemory Stick™SD/miniSD*1 CompactFlash™*2 Secure DigitalInsérez le disque avecl'étiquette vers le haut.joystick gauchetouche

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 30Lancer le jeuL’écran d’accueil s’affichera lorsque vous lancerez le jeu. Sélectionnez un élémentdu menu au moyen du pavé directionnel ou du manche gauche et appuyez sur lebouton S ou le bouton START pour confirmer votre sélection.N O U V E L L E PA RT I ECommandes du jeuCette section décrit les commandes de chacun des écrans du jeu. Pour obtenir desinstructions détaillées, se reporter aux pages indiquées pour chaque écran.{CO MMAN DES DE L’

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 32Commandes du jeu{COMMANDES DE L’ÉCRAN DE COMBAT }Voir les p. 18 à 25Manche gauche ...........................(légère poussée) marcher, (pousser à fond) courirÉcran du terrainVous pouvez faire explorer divers endroits à votre personnage dans cet écran. Parlezaux gens des villes pour obtenir des renseignements ou combattez des monstres enexplorant des donjons.Bouton S....................................Attaquer (contre-attaque)Bouton A................

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 34Écran du terrain{SY M BOLES D ’AC T I O N }Écran du terrainBOUTIQUESUn « ! » ou un « ? » pourra apparaître si vousvous tenez devant un panneau, une échelle oud’autres objets. Ces symboles signifient que vouspouvez exécuter une action à cet endroit.Appuyez sur le bouton S lorsque ces symboless’affichent. Par exemple, vous pouvez empoignerune corde ou une échelle et monter ou descendre en déplaçant le manche gauche.Vous pouvez aussi sauter sur

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ES_PS3 Manual v59/9/082:40 PMPage 36Menu principalMenu principalAppuyez sur le bouton D dans l’écran du terrain pour afficher le Menu principal. Vous pouvezsélectionner divers éléments du menu et changer les personnages qui participeront aux combats.A RT I C L E SÉCRAN DES MENUSPour utiliser un article, appuyez sur Q/E afin de passer à l’onglet « Utiliser »et sélectionnez un article.Sélectionnez un icone de menu au moyen du pavé directionnel ou du manchegauche et appuyez sur le bo