Sony PSP Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes User Manual

User manual for the device Sony PSP Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes

Sony PSP Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes User Manual

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BOOKLET - UMD 2 PANEL 4 PAGEA0030.02FLAT: 6.688" x 6.75"FINISHED: 3.375" x 0.0" x 6.688"09/16/04I N ST R U CTI O N B O O K L E TG UI D E D ' UTI LIS ATI O NUPSS 019071-BKLTC-CMYK-REV0

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CONTENTSGetting Started...................... 2Starting Up........................... 3Basic Controls....................... 3Game On............................... 4Introduction.......................... 4Game Modes......................... 5Ways of the Ninja................. 10The HUD(Heads-Up Display).............. 17Weapons, Items,and Conditions..................... 18Characters...........................24Credits................................. 41Limited Warranty.................47ULUS# 10

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Getting StartedStarting UpSet up your PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system according to the instructions in the manual supplied with the system. Turn the system on. Thepower indicator lights up in green and the home menu is displayed. Pressthe OPEN latch to open the disc cover. INSERT the Shonen Jump™Naruto™ Ultimate Ninja Heroes™ disc with the label facing away from thesystem, slide until fully inserted and close the disc cover. From the PSP®system’s home menu, select the Game icon and

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Game On!Game ModesThere are several ways to enjoy Shonen Jump’s NARUTO: Ultimate NinjaHeroes. Take part in Heroes Mode or challenge a friend in Wireless Mode.Customize your favorite character in Parameter Power-Up Mode or practiceyour ninja skills against the computer in VS CPU Mode; learn about everymode here!Heroes ModeStart a fresh game……or load a saved file.The first step in embarking on your journey with Naruto and friends is toselect New Game at the Title Screen. Choose New Game when

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Promotion TestVS CPU ModeIn VS CPU Mode, you can select any one unlocked character and take onthe computer in one-on-one battle. In this mode, you can change the BattleSettings. You can also adjust the color of your character’s costume bypressing b before you start the fight. Press p in the Character Select Screen to adjust the rules of the fight tomeet your needs. Adjust the following settings before engaging in battle:• Battle Time: 10–99 seconds or No time limit• Item Appearance: Low,

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Naruto’s HouseNaruto’s House is a very nifty option where you can view obtained items oredit your profile. Once you’ve defeated the game at least once, you beginto unlock different goodies, such as Images, BGM (background music),Movies, and Profiles. (Profiles under “View Profiles” can only be obtained byexchanging with other players in Wireless Mode.) Select Edit Your Profile, then press p to change your Profile character,Comment, and view your record with that character. This is an a

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Ways of the NinjaAttacksBattle BasicsNo two fights are ever the same. Be it because of different fighters, variedtechniques, or special rules, each match will unfold differently than the fightbefore it. While some fights may require that you defeat an opponent withincreased Attack power, other battles might pit you against opponents withincreased Defensive abilities. Every battle, however, does have some constants. Control combinationsare the same for every character. All fights are one-on-one,

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MovementJump MovementActionCommandActionCommandJumpuMove Left4Double Jumpu then u while in airMove Right6Dashu, uChange to Back Plane8+uRapid RetreatD-pad away from opponent and u, uChange to Front Plane2+uRecovery Jumpu, the instant you hit the ground after being thrownor after suffering from an extra hit attack.Jumping (u) during a battle is used for much more than just reaching ahigher plane on the battleground. Tap u to jump, and double jump bytapping u then u again while in the air. To rapi

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Guard and Substitution JutsuJutsu and Secret TechniquesActionCommandActionJutsu 18, 8 + oGuardCommandbJutsu 22, 2 + oSubstitution Jutsub the instant an opponent’s attack hitsSecret Techniquei, oAll characters can perform jutsu and Secret Techniques…as long as theyhave sufficient chakra. Jutsu are low-level techniques that require only smallchunks of chakra to execute. However, they do require that you successfullyconnect with the initial blow of the attack. If your opponent blocks the firstb

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The HUD (Heads-Up Display)Chakra Charge and Taunting1 3 4ActionCommandCharge Chakra2Taunt8Long, drawn-out battles can take a toll on your Chakra Gauge. That’s whenthe chakra charge comes in handy. Simply press and hold 2 to slowlycharge your Chakra Gauge. Unfortunately, chakra charging usually leavesyou vulnerable to attack. Taunting doesn’t serve much of a purpose against a computer controlledopponent, but it’s a perfect way to get in a human opponent’s head. You’ll find chakra chargi

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Weapons, Items,and ConditionsItemWeapons and ItemsA single item can change the course of the fight dramatically. You could below on health and chakra, but by grabbing a chakra-increasing item at justthe right time, you could suddenly have enough chakra to execute a SecretTechnique and turn the tides. Similarly, a Paper Bomb can finish the fightfrom afar. The tricky part is knowing which items to go for and when to use them.You can get two types of items during battle: items that are used as soon

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ItemNameDescriptionCurse Tag: StealThrow at opponent to stealhis or her itemCondition-Inducing ItemsItemNameDescriptionCurse Tag: Armor BreakThrow at opponent to lowerdefenseConditionThe following items are a mixture of projectile type items and consumables.All of them, however, cause the recipient of the item to experience certaintemporary conditions.ConditionTemporarily increases your attack rate,causing you to deal more damageItemCondition ItemsCondition DescriptionLowers movement and attack

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Secret Technique ConditionsItemNameDescriptionScroll of Hidden CloudGrab this to become invisibleConditionCondition DescriptionTemporarily increase the height ofyour jumpsItemCharacterConditionIconConditionNameNameDescriptionKakashi FigureGrab this to invokeauto-morph when takenChoji AkimichiExpanded ChojiCondition DescriptionHinata HyugaByakugan HinataConditionTemporarily increases your defensive stats,causing you to take less damageItemConditionNameDescriptionFrog PillsGrab these to increase y

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CharactersThe following characters are selectable from the start and ready for use. Youcan also unlock various other characters, each with unique special abilities,skills, and techniques.Team KakashiDemon Wind Bomb2, 2, oTeam Kakashi consists of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. It’s a team that’sbuilt for balance. The team’s Will of Fire skill increases all teammembers’ attack and defense.This clever technique combines several different jutsu into one. Press 2,2, o and Naruto tosses a giant D

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Fire Style: Fire Ball JutsuSakura Haruno8, 8, oSasuke’s Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu is as hot as they come. Sasukefires a giant fire ball at his opponent that instantly fries and knocks downthe enemy.Standing above all others with her incredibleknowledge and skills, Sakura aims to become aKunoichi, a female ninja. But as a young girlcoming of age, she tends to focus less onninjutsu and more on boys, especially thehandsome Sasuke, who has no interest in herwhatsoever. What Sakura fears to say o

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Maiden’s AttackNeedle Human BoulderI, o (requires full Chakra Gauge)2, 2, oLike the Great Sakura attack, this technique calls on giant Inner Sakura toinflict major damage. After stunning the opponent, Inner Sakura towers overher foe and, with one hand, crushes the enemy under her palm. It’s humblingas well as devastating.Needle Human Boulder is almost exactly the same as the Human Bouldertechnique. During this attack, however, Choji transforms into a large boulderladen with sharp needles.Hum

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Shikamaru Nara16-Hit Combo8, 8, oThere is nothing deceptive about this jutsu. Aptly named a 16-Hit Combo,it delivers that many hits. Once Ino connects with the initial strike, sheunleashes an unblockable combination of 16 hits. The final blow sends herenemy flying into the air.Ninja WolfsbaneA Genin in the same class as Naruto, Sasuke, andSakura, Shikamaru is teamed up with Ino and Choji.Though lazy and lacking motivation, he scored over200 on his IQ test. He’s not the strongest fighter in the

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Shadow Possession: Giant Fire BallI, o (requires full Chakra Gauge)Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession: Giant Fire Ball Secret Technique is byfar the funniest of any character’s Secret Techniques. Using his ShadowPossession Jutsu to take control of his enemy’s movements, he forces hisfoe to execute embarrassing ballerina-like moves before being blown upwith several bombs.Team KurenaiTeam Kurenai consists of Hinata, Shino, and Kiba. This is an agile teamcapable of dealing out lots of damage. The

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KIBA’S SPECIAL SKILL: FANG OVER FANG Number of Uses: 1Skill Type: ManualSkill Effect: Lowers an opponent’s health by 33 percentDynamic Marking8, 8, oIn Kiba’s Dynamic Marking technique, he throws Akamaru at his rival.Upon contact, Akamaru assaults the enemy with his own special brandof attack.ShinoAs a descendent of the Aburame Clan,Shino was given special insects tosymbiotically live with from themoment of his birth. These insectsare his weapons. Calm and collected,he has a somewhat eeri

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Parasitic Insects: SpearLeaf WhirlwindI, o (requires full Chakra Gauge)8, 8, oForming two spear-like projectiles out of insects, Shino can hurl his little insect companions at his enemy. The critters swarm through the target, takinghuge chunks of health with them. This is Shino’s most dangerous technique.Rock Lee’s Leaf Whirlwind technique is more of a defensive technique thanan offensive one. Though it does inflict damage, it is better suited to repellingenemies. In it, Lee spins around and