Worx WG168E Grass Trimmer User Manual

User manual for the device Worx WG168E Grass Trimmer

Worx WG168E Grass Trimmer User Manual

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ENP06Schnurloser Rasentrimmer/RasenkantentrimmerDP17Taille-bordures sans fil/taille-haiesFP29Tagliaerba a batteria/taglia siepiCordless Lawn Trimmer/Lawn Edge TrimmerIP41Cortasetos/bordeadora sin cablesESP53Snoerloze grastrimmer/graskanttrimmerNLP65PLP76Vezeték nélküli fűnyíró/SzegélynyíróHUP88Maşină de tuns gazonul / Maşină de bordurat gazonul fără cordon prelungitorROP100Bezdrátová strunová sekačka / zastřihovač okrajů trávníkuCZP112Akumulátorová kosačka na trávniky

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Original instructions ENOriginalbetriebsanleitung DNotice originale FIstruzioni originali IManual original ESOorspronkelijke gebruiksaanwijzing NLInstrukcja oryginalna PLEredeti használati utasítás HUInstrucţiuni originale ROPřeklad CZPreklad SK

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1. Three Speed Settings2. Auxiliary Handle3. Auxiliary Handle Locking Clamp4. Safety Guard5. Edge Guide6. Shaft Locking Knob7. On/Off Switch8. Lock Off Switch9. Battery Pack10. Line Cutter11. Trimmer Head Cover (See Fig. I2)12. Cap Release Latch (See Fig. I2)13. Spool (See Fig. I2)14. Trimmer Head (See Fig. I2)15. Eyelet (See Fig. I2)16. Line Feed Button (See Fig. I1)6* Not all the accessories illustrated or described are included in standard delivery.TECHNICAL DATAType WG168E WG168E.9 (1-design

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Noise InformationA weighted sound pressure according to Annex E of EN 786 LpA = 82dB(A)KpA 3.0dB(A)A weighted sound power according to Noise Directive 2000/14/EC LwA = 96dB(A)Wear ear protectionVibration InformationVibration emission value according to Noise Directive 2000/14/ECah = 2.6m/s²Uncertainty K 1.5m/s²WARNING: The vibration emission value during actual use of the power tool can differfrom the declared value depending on the ways in which the tool is used dependant on thefollowing exam

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General Power ToolSafety WarningsWARNING: Read all safety warningsand all instructions. Failure to followthe warnings and instructions may result inelectric shock, fire and/or serious injury.Save all warnings and instructions forfuture reference.The term “power tool” in the warnings refersto your mains-operated (corded) power tool orbattery-operated (cordless) power tool.81) Work area safetya) Keep work area clean and well lit.Cluttered or dark areas invite accidents.b) Do not operate power

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4) Power tool use and carea) Do not force the power tool. Usethe correct power tool for yourapplication. The correct power tool willdo the job better and safer at the rate forwhich it was designed.b) Do not use the power tool if theswitch does not turn it on and off.Any power tool that cannot be controlledwith the switch is dangerous and must berepaired.c) Disconnect the plug from the powersource and/or the battery pack fromthe power tool before making anyadjustments, changing accessories,or sto

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10with the instructions to use the machine;f) Stop using the machine while people,especially children, or pets are nearby;g) Only use the machine in daylight or goodartificial light;h) Before using the machine and after anyimpact, check for signs of wear or damageand repair as necessary;i) Never operate the machine with damagedguards or without the guards in place;j) Keep hands and feet away from the cuttingmeans at all times and especially whenswitching on the motor;k) Take care against injury

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This product has been markedwith a symbol relating toremoving electric and electronicwaste. This means that thisproduct shall not be discardedwith household waste but that itshall be returned to a collectionsystem which conforms to theEuropean Directive 2002/96/CE. It will then be recycled ordismantled in order to reducethe impact on the environment.Electric and electronic equipmentcan be hazardous for theenvironment and for humanhealth since they containhazardous substances.EdgingTrimmingASSEMB

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1. BEFORE USING YOUR CORDLESSGRASS TRIMMERThe battery pack included is shippedUNCHARGED. You must charge before firstuse.The battery charger supplied was designed toonly charge the Li-Ion battery also supplied.Do not use another battery charger.2. CHARGING YOUR BATTERY PACKThe Li-ion battery is protected against deepdischarging. When the battery is empty,the machine will switch off by means of aprotective circuit: The trimmer head no longerrotates.In a warm environment or after heavy use, thebat

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parallel to the ground (perpendicular whenedging) and not crowded into material beingcut.Warning: Make sure that line isfed out before operation. Makesure motor is up to full speed beforetrimming.Warning: Use only 2.0mmdiameter cutting line. Other sizes ofline will not feed properly and will result inimproper cutting head function or can causeserious injury. Do not use other materialsuch as wire, string, rope, etc. Wire can breakoff during cutting and become a dangerousprojectile that can cause

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• Pull the line from the new replacement Spoolthrough the eyelet of the Spool Holder.• Place new Spool into the holder with thecut out areas of the Spool facing inwardor down. When installed into the SpoolHolder, the smooth side of the Spoolshould be visible.• Release line from cleat on the Spool.• Refit the Spool Cap Cover.To Manually Wind line(See Fig. K1-K4)Take approximately 6m of line. Insert 2mmof line into the Spool holes and wind line inthe direction of the arrows on the top of t

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TroubleshootingThe following table gives checks and actions that you can perform if your machine does notoperate correctly. If these do not identify and correct the problem, contact your service agent.Warning: Switch the machine off and remove the battery prior to any troubleshooting.ProblemsPossible CausesCorrective ActionTrimmer fails tooperate.Battery discharged.Battery too hot/cold.Motor is broken.Internal wiring of machine damaged.Recharge battery; also see thecontent in charger manual.Allo

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16ENVIRONMENTALPROTECTIONDECLARATION OFCONFORMITYThis product has been marked with asymbol relating to removing electricand electronic waste. This means thatthis product shall not be discarded withhousehold waste but that it shall be returnedto a collection system which conforms to theEuropean Directive 2002/96/CE. It will thenbe recycled or dismantled in order to reducethe impact on the environment. Electric andelectronic equipment can be hazardous for theenvironment and for human health since

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1. DREI GESCHWINDIGKEITSEINSTELLUNGEN2. Zusatzhandgriff3. Feststellhebel Zusatzhandgriff4. Sicherheitsschutz5. Kantenführer6. Verriegelungsknopf7. Ein/Aus-Schalter8. Verriegelungsschalter9. Akku10. Schneidfaden11. Schneidkopfabdeckung (Siehe Abb. I2)12. Kappenentriegelung (Siehe Abb. I2)13. Spule (Siehe Abb. I2)14. Schneidkopf (Siehe Abb. I2)15. Öse (Siehe Abb. I2)16. Fadenzufuhrknopf (Siehe Abb. I1)17* Abgebildetes oder beschriebenes Zubehör gehört teilweise nicht zum Lieferumfang.TECHNISCH

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LÄRMPEGEL UND VIBRATIONENA - gewichteter Schalldruck gemäß Anhang E von EN 786 LpA = 82dB(A)KpA 3.0dB(A)A-gewichtete Schallleistung gemäß Lärmschutzrichtlinie 2000/14/EG LwA = 96dB(A)Tragen Sie Gehörschutz, Wenn Sie die Elektrowerkzeug benutzenINFORMATIONEN ÜBER VIBRATIONENVibrationsemissionspegel gemäß Lärmschutzrichtlinie 2000/14/EG ah = 2.6m/s²Unsicherheit K 1.5m/s²WARNUNG: Der Vibrationsemissionswert während des tatsächlichen Gebrauchs desElektrowerkzeugs kann vom angegebenen

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AllgemeineSicherheitshinweisefür ElektrowerkzeugeWARNUNG: Lesen Sie alleSicherheitshinweise undAnweisungen. Versäumnisse bei derEinhaltung der Sicherheitshinweise undAnweisungen können elektrischen Schlag,Brand und/oder schwere Verletzungenverursachen.Bewahren Sie alle Sicherheitshinweiseund Anweisungen für die Zukunft auf.Der in den Sicherheitshinweisen verwendeteBegriff „Elektrowerkzeug“ bezieht sich aufakkubetriebene Elektrowerkzeuge (ohneNetzkabel).1) Arbeitsplatzsicherheita) Halten

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20c) Vermeiden Sie eine unbeabsichtigteInbetriebnahme. Vergewissern Siesich, dass das Elektrowerkzeugausgeschaltet ist, bevor Sie es anden Akku anschließen, es aufnehmenoder tragen. Wenn Sie beim Tragen desElektrowerkzeuges den Finger am Schalterhaben oder das Gerät eingeschaltet an dieStromversorgung anschließen, kann dieszu Unfällen führen.d) Entfernen Sie Einstellwerkzeuge oderSchraubenschlüssel, bevor Sie dasElektrowerkzeug einschalten. EinWerkzeug oder Schlüssel, der sich in einemdre