Worx WG782 Lawn Mower User Manual

User manual for the device Worx WG782 Lawn Mower

Worx WG782 Lawn Mower User Manual

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24V 14” Cordless lawn mower Tondeuse à gazon de 14 po sans fil de 24V 24V 14” Cortacésped sin cables hElPliNE NUmbEr1-866-354-worx (9679)ENPag 07FPag 21ESPag 36WG782

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19 181214A1aA2A3B2B3bB1BackFrontB4IB5C1C3C4IIIIIC2

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a390mm (3.5”)270mm (2.75”)150mm (2”)bIJKM-1M-2N-1M-3N-2N-3LMNO2P161716O1P2

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1. Upper handle2. Switch lever3. Cable clip4. Grass bag filling indicator5. Grass collection bag6. Safety key7. Locking cam lever assembly, upper8. Locking cam lever assembly, lower9. Middle handle10. Lower handle11. Safety flap12. Battery pack*13. Motor cover14. Charger* (see A2)15. Mulch plug (see G)16. Blade bolt (see O1)17. Blade (see O1)18. CHARGED INDICATOR LIGHT (GREEN) (See A3)719. CHARGING INDICATOR LIGHT (RED) (See A3)20. Intellicut Dial* Not all the accessories illustrated or describe

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TECHNICAL DATAPower input24VDeck diameter14’’Cutting diameter13“Front wheel diameter5-1/2"Rear wheel diameter5-1/2"Cutting height positions2’’, 2.75”, 3.5’’Grass collection capacity0.85bushelsBattery typeLead acidBattery modelWA3216Charging time5-7hrsCharger modelWA3721Charger ratingInput: AC 120V(60Hz, 1.0A) Output: 29.5Vdc, 1500mAMachine weight33lbsACCESSORY8Battery pack (WA3216)Charger (WA3721)Mulch plugGrass collection bag1111We recommend that you purchase your accessorie

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWARNING! Some dust created bypower sanding, sawing, grinding,drilling and other construction activitiescontains chemicals known to the state ofCalifornia to cause cancer, birth defectsor other reproductive harm. Someexamples of these chemicals are:• Lead from lead-based paints,• Crystalline silica from bricks and cementand other masonry products, and• Arsenic and chromium fromchemically-treated lumber.Your risk from these exposuresvaries, depending on how often youdo thi

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wet locations.b) Do not use battery-operated lawn mower in rain.c) When replacing batteries, all batteriesshould be replaced at the same time.Mixing fresh and discharged batteriescould increase internal cell pressure andrupture the discharge battery(ies). (Appliesto products employing more than oneseparately replaceable primary battery.)d) When inserting batteries into this product,the proper polarity or direction must beobserved. Reverse insertion of batteriescan result in leakage or explosion

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influence of alcohol or drugs.14. Never operate mower in wet grass. Alwaysbe sure of your footing; walk; never run.15. Disengage the drive system, if so equipped,before starting the engine (motor).16. If the machine should start to vibrateabnormally, stop the engine (motor) andcheck for the cause immediately. Vibrationis generally a warning of trouble.17. Always wear eye protection when operating machine.18. See manufacturer’s instructions for proper operation and installation of accessories.

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substantial footwear.c) Disengage the self-propelled mechanism or drive clutch on units so equipped before starting the motor.d) Never attempt to make a wheel heightadjustment while the motor is running.e) Mow only in daylight or in good artificial light.f) Never operate the equipment on wet grass.Always be sure of your footing. Keep a firmhold on the handle and walk, never run.121.3 Operationa) Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts. Keep clear of the discharge opening at all ti

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SYMBOLSSafety alertRead the operator’s manualBlade continues to rotate afterthe machine is switched off. Waituntil all machine componentshave completely stopped beforetouching them.Do not expose to rain or waterDo not burnDo not dispose of batteries. Returnexhausted batteries to your localcollection or recycling point.Contains Pb battery. Battery mustbe recycled or disposed of properly.CHARGER SAFETY RULES1. Plug charger directly into an electricaloutlet. DO NOT ABUSE THE CORD. Nevercarry char

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charge a fully discharged battery)6. After the battery is fully charged the greenlight will turn on and charge it to on for 15seconds to indicate a full charge. After 15seconds the green light and charger willturn off to save power. Note: If the battery is defective, the redlight on the charger will flash. The red and green lights will only functionwhen the charger is connected to both thebattery and wall receptacle.7. The charger is a smart charger and canstay connected to the battery and wallr

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2) Clip the plastic clips of the grass bag overthe metal frame. (Fig C3)Warning: Make sure to not fit thehandle in the reverse direction as itwill not remain secure. Make sure to fitthe handle as shown in Fig C1.5. FITTING/REMOVING THE BATTERY(See E1,E2,E3,E4)REMOVING BATTERY (12)1) While gripping the battery handle lift itupward without twisting or turning it. (SeeE1)3. ATTACHING THE GRASS BAG TO THEMOWER (See Fig D1,D2,D3)NOTE: The grass bag is held in place bythe safety flap.1) Switch the mow

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3) Slide the mulching insert into the dischargeopening until it is firmly in contact with thedeck.4) Release safety flap and ensure it is properlyclosed.3. REMOVING MULCH PLUG(15) (See G)Remove the mulch plug when you desire toeither collect grass or discharge grass from therear of the mower.1) Shut the mower off, wait until the bladestops and remove the safety key (6).2) Raise the safety flap and hold it in the upposition.3) Grasp the handle on the mulch plug (14)then lift upward and pull it ou

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8. REAR DISCHARGE (See L)The mower provides a rear discharge function,so that you can mow collecting or mulchingthe grass. Grass clippings will be dischargedfrom the rear chute of the mower and exitbelow the safety flap.9. MOWING TIPSNOTE: Always inspect area where moweris to be used and remove all stones,sticks, wire, metal and other debriswhich might be thrown by the rotatingblade.1) Mow across the face of slopes, never upand-down. Exercise extreme caution whenchanging direction on slopes. Do

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MAINTENANCEWarning: Stop the mower andremove the safety key beforeremoving the grass bag.Note: To ensure long and reliable service,perform the following maintenanceprocedures regularly. Check for obviousdefects such as a loose, dislodged or adamaged blade, loose fittings, and wornor damaged components. Check that thecovers and guards are all undamaged andare correctly attached to mower. Carry outany necessary maintenance or repairs beforeoperating mower. If the mower shouldhappen to fail despite

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TROUBLE SHOOTINGProblemSolution1. Mower doesn’t run when switchlever is activated.A. Check to make sure safety key has been installed andis fully seated and that button on switch housing is being completely pushed.B. Release switch lever to turn mower off. Removesafety key, turn mower over and check that blade isfree to turn. If not free, return to an authorized servicer.Blade should turn freely.C. Has battery been fully charged? Plug in charger andwait for green light to come on.2. Motor stop

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7. Battery charger LED does not flipto green.A. Battery needs to be diagnosed. Take to authorizedservice center.8. Mower not picking up clippingswith bag.A. Remove mulch plate when bagging.B. Chute clogged. Release switch lever to turn moweroff. Remove safety key. Clear chute of grass clippings.C. Too much cut grass. Raise cutting height of wheels toshorten length of the cut.D. Bag full. Empty bag more often.9. When mulching there areclippings visible.A. Too much cut grass. Raise cutting height