Worx WG784E Lawn Mower User Manual

User manual for the device Worx WG784E Lawn Mower

Worx WG784E Lawn Mower User Manual

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Cordless lawn mowerENP07Schnurloser RasenmäherDP19Tondeuse à gazon sans filFP32Falciatrice per prato senza filiIP44Cortacésped sin cablesESP56Corta-relva sem fiosPTP68Snoerloze graasmaaierNLP80Ledningsfri plæneklipperDKP92FINP104NORP116Sladdlös gräsklippareSVP128Arada kablosuz çim biçme makinesiTRP139Ασύρματη μηχανή γκαζόνGRP151Аккумуляторная газонокосилкаRUP163Johdoton ruohonleikkuriBatteridrevet gressklipperWG784E WG785E

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Original instructions ENÜbersetzung der Originalanleitung DTraduction des instructions initiales FTraduzione delle istruzioni originaliTraducción de las instrucciones originales IESTradução das instruções originais PTVertaling van de oorspronkelijke instructies NLOversættelse af de oprindelige instruktioner DKAlkuperäisten ohjeiden käännös FINOversettelse av de opprinnelige instruksjonene Översättning av originalinstruktionerna NORSVAsıl talimatların çevirisi TRΜετάφραση

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B2B3B431Back Part2Front PartB5C1C21C3C4D1D3EaD22

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1. Switch lever2. Cable clip3 Grass bag filling indicator4. Grass collection bag5. Work mode dial6. Safety key7. Upper handle8. Lock cam lever9. Lower handle10. Safety flap11. Battery pack*12. Motor cover13. Charger*(see A2)14. Mulch insert (see H)15. Blade bolt (see P1)16. Blade (see P1)* Not all the accessories illustrated or described are included in standard delivery.Cordless Lawn mower EN7

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TECHNICAL DATAModel No.WG784VoltageCutting diameterWG785E24V36cmCutting height40cm20-70mmCutting height positions6 positionsGrass collection capacity40L50LBattery capacity7Ah10AhBattery typeLead acidBattery modelWA3217Charging time7-9hrsWA321810-12hrsCharger modelWA3720Charger ratingInput: AC 220-240V, 50/60HzOutput: 29.5VMachine Weight820kg, 1.0A23kgNOISE/VIBRATION INFORMATIONA weighted sound pressure (WG784E)LpA : 75dB(A)—TURBO mode KpA: 3dB(A)A weighted sound pressure (WG785E)LpA : 80dB(A)

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General Power ToolSafety WarningsWARNING! Read all safety warningsand all instructions. Failure to followthe warnings and instructions may result inelectric shock, fire and/or serious injury.Carefully read the instructions for thesafe operation of the machine.Save all warnings and instructions forfuture reference.- This appliance is not intended for use bypersons (including children) with reducedphysical, sensory or mental capabilities,or lack of experience and knowledge,unless they have been gi

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– – on the machine,After striking a foreign object,Whenever the machine startsvibrating abnormally.Maintenance and storagea) Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight tobe sure the equipment is in safe workingcondition;b) Check the grass catcher frequently forwear or deterioration;c) Replace worn or damaged parts for safety.10Battery tool use and care1) Recharge only with the chargerspecified by the manufacturer. Acharger that is suitable for one type ofbattery pack may create a risk of fire whe

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SYMBOLSRead instruction handbook beforeoperation this machine.Only use the battery chargerindoorsWarningKeep bystanders away.Blade continues to rotate afterthe machine is switched off. Waituntil all machine componentshave completely stopped beforetouching them.Beware of sharp blades. Bladescontinue to rotate after the motor isswitched off.Remove plug from mains beforemaintenance or if cord is damaged.11Keep the supply flexible cord awayform the blades.Do not expose to rain or water.Do not burn.D

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Intended UseThis product is intended for domestic lawnmowing.CHARGER SAFETY RULES121. Plug charger directly into an electricaloutlet. DO NOT ABUSE THE CORD. Nevercarry charger by cord. Do not disconnectthe charger from the outlet or mower bypulling it by the cord.2. CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire,electrical shock, or personal injury donot attempt to use this charger with anyother product.Likewise, do not attempt tocharge the battery with any other charger.3. Do not service mower with charge

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1. FITTING THE HANDLE (See B1~B5)1) Remove the screws (X 2) on the both sideof deck. (Fig B1)2) Insert the lower handle (9) into the holes onthe deck provided.(Fig B2)3) Secure with the screws provided.(Fig B2)4) Attach the upper handle (7) with the boltsand lock cam lever (8) to the lower handle(9). (Fig B3)5) Tightening the two Lock cam levers. Checkthat the handle is FULLY secured. The cam lever pressure can be adjusted byadjusting the lock cam lever (8) clockwise/counter-clockwise. DO NOT OV

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STOPPINGRelease the switch lever.2. INSTALLING MULCH INSERT (14) (See H)1) Turn the mower off, wait until the bladestops and remove the safety key (6).2) Raise the safety guard and hold it up.3) Slide the mulching insert into the dischargeopening until it is firmly in contact with thedeck.4) Release safety guard and ensure it isproperly closed.3. REMOVING MULCH INSERT(14) (See H)To remove the mulching insert so that you cancollect the grass, follow the steps listed below:1) Shut the mower off, w

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9. MOWING TIPSNOTE: always inspect area where moweris to be used and remove all stones,sticks, wire, metal and other debriswhich might be thrown by the rotatingblade.1) Mow across the face of slopes, never upand-down. Exercise extreme caution whenchanging direction on slopes. Do not mowexcessively steep slopes. Always maintaingood footing.2) Release switch lever to turn mower “OFF”when crossing any graveled area (stonescan be thrown by the blade).3) Set mower at highest cutting height whenmo

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covers and guards are all undamaged andare correctly attached to mower. Carry outany necessary maintenance or repairs beforeoperating mower. If the mower shouldhappen to fail despite regular maintenance,please call our customer helpline for advice.BLADE SHARPENINGKeep blade sharp for best mowerperformance. A dull blade does not cutgrass cleanly or mulch properly.Wear proper eye protection whileremoving, sharpening, and installingblade. Ensure that safety key is removed.Sharpening the blade twice

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PLUG REPLACEMENT(UK & IRELAND ONLY)If you need to replace the fitted plug thenfollow the instructions below.IMPORTANTThe wires in the mains lead are colored inaccordance with the following code:Blue = NeutralBrown = LiveAs the colors of the wires in the electrical cordof this appliance may not correspond with thecolored markings identifying the terminalsin your plug, proceed as follows. The wirewhich is colored blue must be connected tothe terminal which is marked with N. The wirewhich is colore

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EC DECLARATION OFCONFORMITYwe,POSITEC Germany GmbHNeuer Höltigbaum 622143 HamburgDeclare that the productDescriptionWORX Cordless Lawn MoverType WG784E WG785EFunction Mowing grassComplies with the following Directives,EC Machinery Directive2006/42/ECEC Low Voltage Directive2006/95/ECEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive2004/108/ECNoise Emission in the Environment byEquipment for Use Outdoors Directive 2000/14/EC amended by 2005/88/EC18The person authorized to compile the technicalfile,Name

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1. Schaltbügel2. Kabelklemmen3. Grasbehälterfüllstandanzeige4. Gras-Sammelbeutel5. Betriebsmoduswähler6. Sicherheitsschlüssel7. Griffoberteil8. Haltenocken-Hebel9. Griffunterteil10. Sicherheitsklappe11. Batteriepack *12. Motorabdeckung13. Aufladegerät *(Siehe A2)14. Mulch-Einsatz (Siehe H)15. Blattbolzen (Siehe P1)16. Sägeblatt (Siehe P1)*Abgebildetes oder beschriebenes Zubehör gehört teilweise nicht zum Lieferumfang.Schnurloser rasenmäher D19

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TECHNISCHE DATENWG784WG785ENennleistungSchneidradius24V36cm40cmSchnitthöhe20-70mmSchneidehöhen-PositionenGrasfangkorbBatteriekapazität640L50L7Stunden10StundenBatterietypSäure-BleiAkkumodellWA3217WA3218Aufladezeit7-9 Stunden10-12 StundenLadegerätmodellLeistung des LadegerätsWA3720Eingang: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz,Ausgang: 29.5VGewicht2020kg, 1.0A23kgLÄRMPEGEL UND VIBRATIONENGewichteter Schalldruck (WG784E)LpA : 75dB (A)—Turbomodus KpA: 3dB(A)LpA : 62dB (A)—Leiser Modus KpA: 3dB(A)Gewichtet