Worx WG788 Lawn Mower User Manual

User manual for the device Worx WG788 Lawn Mower

Worx WG788 Lawn Mower User Manual

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36V 19” Cordless lawn mower Tondeuse à gazon de 19 po sans fil de 36V 36V 19” Cortacésped sin cables hElPliNE NUmBEr1-866-354-worx (9679)ENPag 07FPag 18ESPag 31WG788

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1. Upper handle2. Switch lever3. Safety key4. Lower handle5. Handle height adjustment lever6. Lock cam lever7. Safety guard8. Battery housing cover9. Side-discharge cover10. Cutting height adjustment lever11. Grass collection bag12. Mulching insert (See K1)13. Side-discharge chute (See M1)14. Screw knob (See C2)15. Battery pack * (See B)16. Charger * (See B)17. Work mode dial(See L)18. CHARGED INDICATOR LIGHT (GREEN) (See Fig.B2)719. CHARGING INDICATOR LIGHT (RED) (See Fig.B2)*Not all the access

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TECHNICAL DATAPower input36VDeck diameter19’’ (48cm)Cutting diameter18”(46cm)Front wheel diameter7” (178mm)Rear wheel diameter8-1/4” (210mm)Cutting height1.5”-3.5” (38 – 88 mm)Cutting height positions6Grass collection capacity1.6 bushels(55L)Battery typeLead acidBattery modelWA3220Charging time16 hrsCharger modelWA3722Charger ratingInput: AC 120V~60Hz, 45W, Output: 42.5V 1.0AMachine weight887lbs(39.5kg)ACCESSORIESGrass collection bag Charger (WA3722) Side-discharge chute Mulching

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READ ALL INSTRUCTIONSWARNING: When using electric lawnmowers, basic safety precautions shouldalways be followed to reduce the risk of fire,electric shock, and personal injury, includingthe following:WARNING: Risk of injury could occur ifthe lawn mower is operated without thecatcher assembly attached.WARNING: the use of any otheraccessory or attachment might increasethe risk of injuryCAUTION: For battery-operated lawnmowers, use only identical replacementbatteries and specifying the battery typea

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b) Do not dispose of the battery(ies) in afire. The cell may explode. Check withlocal codes for possible special disposalinstructions.c) Do not open or mutilate the battery(ies).Released electrolyte is corrosive and maycause damage to the eyes or skin. It maybe toxic if swallowed.d) Exercise care in handling batteries in ordernot to short the battery with conductingmaterials such as rings, bracelets, andkeys. The battery or conductor mayoverheat and cause burns.10For a battery-operated lawnmower

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2. Watch for holes, ruts, bumps, rocks, orother hidden objects. Uneven terrain couldcause a slip and fall accident. Tall grass canhide obstacles.3. Do not mow on wet grass or excessivelysteep slopes. Poor footing could cause aslip and fall accident.4. Do not mow near drop-offs, ditches, orembankments. You could lose your footingor balance.III. CHILDRENTragic accidents can occur if the operator isnot alert to the presence of children. Childrenare often attracted to the machine and themowing activ

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12leave the equipment, before cleaning themower housing, and before making anyrepairs or inspections.f) Shut the motor off and wait until the bladecomes to a complete stop before removingthe grass catcher or before unclogging thechute.g) Mow across the face of slopes, never upand down. Exercise extreme caution whenchanging direction on slopes. Do not mowexcessively steep slopes.h) Never operate the mower without properguards, plates, or other safety protectivedevices in place.i) Do not wash with

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CHARGER SAFETY RULES1. Plug charger directly into an electricaloutlet. DO NOT ABUSE THE CORD. Nevercarry charger by cord. Do not disconnect thecharger from the outlet or mower by pulling itby the cord.2.CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire,electrical shock, or personal injury donot attempt to use this charger with any otherproduct.Likewise, do not attempt to charge the mowerwith any other charger.3. Do not service mower with charger or safetykey installed.4. Do not operate a damaged charger. Repl

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counter-clockwise. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN2. ASSEMBLING THE GRASSBAG (SeeD1, D2 & D3)1) Before starting to assemble the grass bag(a) to the frame (b), check that the grass bag ispositioned to slip over the frame.2) Slide the grass bag onto the frame.3) Assemble the top clips to the frame, thenassemble the two side clips and the bottomclip last.143. FITTING/REMOVING BATTERY(See E1, E2)REMOVING BATTERYDisconnect the connector (c), then rotate thebattery locking knob (d) counter-clockwise.Remove the ba

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the mower will start.4. Release the safety key.STOPPINGRelease the switch lever bar (2).2. BATTERY STATUS LED’S (See J)NOTE: Battery Status LED’s are not active incharging mode. The Status LED’s will indicatethe battery condition when the button on thebattery is pressed.The LED’s constantly senses and displays thebattery condition as follows:Press the button “POWERTEST”, the lightbutton is illuminated.When the three green lights are illuminated,the battery is in a highly charged cond

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4. If a grass bag is used during the fastgrowing season, the grass may tend to clogup at the discharge opening. Release switchlever to turn mower “OFF” and remove thesafety key. Remove the grass bag and shakethe grass down to the back end of the bag.Also clean out any grass or debris which maybe packed around the discharge opening.Replace the grass bag.5. If mower should start to vibrate abnormally,release switch lever to turn mower “OFF” andremove safety key. Check immediately forcause.

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operating mower. If the mower shouldhappen to fail despite regular maintenance,please call our customer helpline for advice,1-866-354-9679.BLADE SHARPENINGKEEP BLADE SHARP FOR BEST MOWERPERFORMANCE. A DULL BLADE DOES NOTCUT GRASS CLEANLY OR MULCH PROPERLY.WEAR PROPER EYE PROTECTION WHILEREMOVING, SHARPENING, AND INSTALLINGBLADE. ENSURE THAT SAFETY KEY ISREMOVED.Sharpening the blade twice during a mowingseason is usually sufficient under normalcircumstances. Sand causes the blade to dullquickly.

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TROUBLE SHOOTINGProblemSolution1. Mower doesn’t runwhen switch lever isactivated.A. Check to make sure safety key has been installed and is fully seatedand that button on switch housing is being completely pushed.B. Release switch lever to turn mower off. Remove safety key, turnmower over and check that blade is free to turn. Clear any obstruction.If not free, return to an authorized servicer. Blade should turn freely.C. Has battery been fully charged? Plug in charger and wait for greenlight t

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8. Mower not pickingup clippings withbag.A. Remove mulch plate when bagging.B. Chute clogged. Release switch lever to turn mower off. Removesafety key. Clear chute of grass clippings.C. Too much cut grass. Raise cutting height of wheels to shorten lengthof the cut.D. Bag full. Empty bag more often.9. When mulchingthere are clippingsvisible.A. Too much cut grass. Raise cutting height of wheels to shorten lengthof the cut. Do not cut off more than 1/3 of total length.B. Check blade for sharpness.

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1. Poignée supérieure2. Levier du commutateur3. Clé de sécurité4. Poignée inférieure5. Levier de réglage de la hauteur de la poignée6. Levier de blocage7. Bavette de sécurité8. Protection pour la batterie9. Bavette d’éjection latérale10. Levier de réglage de la hauteur de coupe11. Sac à herbe12. Dispositif de paillage (voir K1)13. Accessoire d’éjection latérale (voir M1)14. Griffe à vis (voir C2)15. Blocs* (voir B)16. Chargeur* (voir B)17. Commutateur de mode de fonctionnem