Worx WG789 Lawn Mower User Manual

User manual for the device Worx WG789 Lawn Mower

Worx WG789 Lawn Mower User Manual

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auto-adjusts to your walking speedCordless self-propelled lawn mower Tondeuse à gazon autotractée sans fil Cortacésped de autopropulsión inalámbrica hElPliNE NUmbEr1-866-354-worx (9679)ENP07FP20ESP35WG789

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1. Upper handle2. Safety bail3. Safety key4. Lower handle5. Handle height adjustment lever6. Locking cam lever7. Safety guard8. Battery housing cover9. Side-discharge cover10. Cutting height adjustment lever11. Grass collection bag12. Mulching plug (See K1)13. Side-discharge chute (See M1)14. Screw knob (See C2)15. Battery pack (See B)16. Charger (See B)17. Work mode dial (See L)18. CHARGED INDICATOR LIGHT (GREEN) (See B2)719. CHARGING INDICATOR LIGHT (RED) (See B2)Cordless self-propelled lawn m

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TECHNICAL DATAPower input36VDeck diameter19’’ (48cm)Cutting diameter18"(46cm)Front wheel diameter7" (178mm)Rear wheel diameter8-1/4" (210mm)Cutting height1.5”-3.5” (38 – 88mm)Cutting height positions6Grass collection capacity1.6bushels(55L)Battery typeLead acidBattery modelWA3220Charging time16 hrsCharger modelWA3722Charger ratingInput: AC 120V~60Hz,45W Output: 42.5V 1.0AMachine weight841.1kg (90.6lbs)ACCESSORIESGrass collection bag Charger (WA3722) Side-discharge chute Mulching plu

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSWARNING! Some dust created bypower sanding, sawing, grinding,drilling and other construction activitiescontains chemicals known to the state ofCalifornia to cause cancer, birth defectsor other reproductive harm. Someexamples of these chemicals are:• Lead from lead-based paints,• Crystalline silica from bricks and cementand other masonry products, and• Arsenic and chromium fromchemically-treated lumber.Your risk from these exposuresvaries, depending on how often youdo thi

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SUPPLEMENT SA-BATTERY-OPERATEDLAWN MOWERSa) Do not charge lawn mower in rain, or inwet locations.b) Do not use battery-operated lawn mower inrain.c) When replacing batteries, all batteriesshould be replaced at the same time.Mixing fresh and discharged batteriescould increase internal cell pressure andrupture the discharge battery(ies). (Appliesto products employing more than oneseparately replaceable primary battery.)d) When inserting batteries into this product,the proper polarity or direction

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the machine, removing grass catcher, orunclogging the discharge guard.12. Operate machine only in daylight or goodartificial light.13. Do not operate machine while under theinfluence of alcohol or drugs.14. Never operate mower in wet grass.Always be sure of your footing; walk;never run.15. Disengage the drive system, if soequipped, before starting the engine(motor).16. If the machine should start to vibrateabnormally, stop the engine (motor)and check for the cause immediately.Vibration is genera

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for which it is intended.1.2 Preparationa) Thoroughly inspect the area where theequipment is to be used and remove allstones, sticks, wires, bones, and otherforeign objects.b) Do not operate the equipment whenbarefoot or wearing sandals. Always wearsubstantial footwear.c) Disengage the self-propelled mechanismor drive clutch on units so equipped beforestarting the motor.d) Never attempt to make a wheel heightadjustment while the motor is running.e) Mow only in daylight or in good artificiallight

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SYMBOLSSafety alertRead the operator’s manualBlade continues to rotate afterthe machine is switched off. Waituntil all machine componentshave completely stopped beforetouching them.Do not expose to rain or waterDo not burnDo not dispose of batteries. Returnexhausted batteries to your localcollection or recycling point.Contains lead-acid battery. Batterymust be recycled or disposed ofproperly.Slip on slopeKEEP HANDS AND FEET AWAYGARDER MAINS ET PIEDS À DISTANCECPSC Danger labelSevering of toes

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power.Note: if the battery is defective, thered light on the charger will flash.The lights will only function whenthe charger is connected to both thebattery and wall receptacle.7. The charger is a smart charger and canstay connected to the battery and wallreceptacle for extended periods of timewithout fear of damaging the battery orcharger. The charger will automaticallycycle on and off periodically to ensure thebattery is fully charged.The cam lever (6) pressure can be adjusted byrotating the

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horizontal position.4) Release the safety guard to lock the grassbag into position. Lift the handle slightly toensure the grass bag is installed securely.REMOVING/EMPTYINGLift the safety guard and hold it up. The grassbag will drop automatically.6. ADJUSTING THE CUTTING HEIGHT(See H)Warning! Stop, release safety bail andwait until the motor stops beforeadjusting height. The blade will continue torotate after the machine is switched off, arotating blade can cause injury.Caution: Do not touch rota

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4) The safety guard is spring loaded.When you release it, the guard willreturn to the closed position.Note: The Pacesetter™ drivesystem will operate with or withoutthe mower blade turned on.4. INSTALLING MULCHINGPLUG (See K2)1) Turn the mower off, wait until the bladestops and remove the safety key.2) Raise the safety guard and hold it up.3) Slide the mulching plug (12) intothe discharge opening until it isfirmly in contact with the deck.4) Release safety guard and ensureit is properly closed.

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to provide nutrients to the lawn.Please review the following recommendationsfor optimum mulching performance.1) Avoid mowing when the grass iswet from rain or dew. Wet grass mayform clumps which interfere with themulching action and reduce runtime. The best time to mow grass is inthe late afternoon when the grass isdry and the newly cut area will notbe exposed to direct sunlight.2) For best mulching performance, setthe cutting height to remove about onethird of the grass blade length, ideallyno

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3. Sharpen cutting edges on both ends of theblade to keep it balanced, removing equalamounts of material from both ends.TO SHARPEN BLADE IN A VISE (See O)1. Be sure the switch lever is released, theblade has stopped and the safety keyremoved before removing the blade.2. Remove blade from mower.See instructions for removingand attaching blade.3. Secure blade O-1 in a vise O-2.4. Wear safety glasses andheavy work gloves.5. Carefully file the cutting edgesof the blade with a fine tooth fileO-3 or s

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ProblemSolution2. Motor stops whilemowing.A. Release switch lever to turn mower off. Remove safety key, turnmower over and check that blade is free to turn. Clear any obstruction.If not free, return to an authorized servicer. Blade should turn freely.B. Raise cutting height of wheels to highest position and start mower.C. Has battery been fully charged? Plug in charger and wait for greenlight to come on.D. Avoid overloading the mower. Slow down the cutting pace bypushing mower slower or raise th

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1. Poignée supérieure2. Levier du commutateur3. Clé de sécurité4. Poignée inférieure5. Levier de réglage de la hauteur de la poignée6. Levier de blocage7. Bavette de sécurité8. Protection pour la batterie9. Bavette d’éjection latérale10. Levier de réglage de la hauteur de coupe11. Sac à herbe12. Dispositif de paillage (voir K1)13. Accessoire d’éjection latérale (voir M1)14. Griffe à vis (voir C2)15. Blocs* (voir B)16. Chargeur* (voir B)17. Commutateur de mode de fonctionnem