Worx WG794E Lawn Mower User Manual

User manual for the device Worx WG794E Lawn Mower

Worx WG794E Lawn Mower User Manual

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Lawn Mowing RobotENP02Roboter-RasenmäherDP18Robot de fauchage à pelouseFP34Robot tosaerbaIP50Robot cortacespedESP66GrasmaairobotNLP82WG794E

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Original instructionsTABLE OF CONTENTS1. Safety Instruction1.1 General & additional safety instruction1.2 Information on the Landroid®M3352. Technical Data and Packaging Content2.1 Technical data2.2 Component list6673. Understanding Your Landroid®M3.1 How does my Landroid®M know what to mow?3.2 How does my Landroid®M know where to go? A. Finding the charging base B. Rain sensors C. Sensing the boundary wire D. Starting and stopping while mowing3.3 How big of an area can my Landroid®M mow?3.

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1. Safety Instruction1.1 General & additional safety instructionWARNING: Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings andinstructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.Carefully read the instructions for the safe operation of the machine.Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.• This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with limited physical, sensory or mentalcapabilities, or lack of experience

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d) Always be sure of your footing on slopes;e) Use extreme caution when reversing the appliance towards you;f) Always switch on the motor according to instructions with feet well away from the blades(s);Maintenance and storageWARNING! When the mower is turned upside down the main switch must always be set to theOFF position.The main switch should be set to the OFF position during all work on the mowers under frame, suchas cleaning or replacing the blades.a) Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight

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1.2 Information on the Landroid®MWARNING - robotic lawnmower can be dangerous if incorrectly used.Read through the Operator’s manual carefully and understand the content before using your roboticlawnmower.WARNING - Keep a safe distance from the machine when operating.WARNING - Operate the disabling device before working on or lifting the machine.Keep your hands and feet away from the rotating blades. Never place your hands or feet close to or underthe body when robotic lawnmower is in operati

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2. Technical Data and Component List2.1 Technical dataType: WG794E (790-799-Designation of machinery, representative of lawn mowing robot)Rated voltageNo load speedCutting diameterCutting height28VMax*2800/min180mm20-60mmCutting height positionsBattery type5Lithium-ionBattery modelWA3225Charging time1.5h approx.Charger modelCharger ratingWA3716Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz, 50W,Output: 24-28V DC, 1.5AMachinery weight8.3kgProtection degreeIPX4*Voltage measured without workload. Initial battery voltage

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2.2 Component List2156783411141017129181316719152024212223Lawn Mowing Robot 25EN

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3. Understanding Your Landroid®MWe would like to congratulate you on your new purchase of the Landroid®M and entering into the care-free life of automaticmowing. In the following, we would like to help you better understand how your Landroid®M thinks.3.1 How does my Landroid®M know what to mow?The Landroid®M chooses its direction at random and never repeats the same mowing direction. It will make sure yourentire lawn is evenly mowed without leaving behind any unattractive mowing paths (See

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3.2 How does my Landroid®Mknow where to go?Your Landroid®M is capable of doing things on its own. TheLandroid®M knows when it needs to go to its Charging Base (4) tocharge, can sense when it is raining, can stop itself if it senses aproblem, and knows to stop and turn around when it bumps intosomething blocking its path, such as a person, pet, or other object.The Landroid®M will also automatically stop its Blade Turning Disc (13)from rotating if it is lifted off the ground to prevent an acci

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If the Landroid®M senses that something is wrong, it will display a fault message on the Display (16), and will turn itself offif it does not receive any input from the user within 20 min (for information on fault messages refer to the Programmingand Troubleshooting Guide).To resume:• Correct the problems.• Press ON/OFF Key (19).• Press Start Key.• Now the Landroid®M will begin to mow!3.3 How big of an area can my Landroid®M mow?Your Landroid®M is capable of mowing areas of up to aro

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Your Landroid®M will cut its best in dry weather. It does not like wet grass, which can build up on the Blade Turning Disc (13)and within the motor, and can also cause loose traction and slippage while working.Your Landroid®M is afraid of Lightening Storms. In case of a Lightening Storm, protect the Landroid®M by unplugging theCharging Base (4), disconnecting the Boundary Wire (21), and making sure the Landroid®M is not allowed to charge.Your Landroid®M loves mowing grass and needs its Cutt

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4.4 Turn on and test installationIf the green light does not come on, then check the power connections.If the LED is flashing green, check if the boundary wire is connected well.Red light on: charging.Red light flashing: error message, correct the problems.If your Landroid®M is inside its territory but the display says “out of cutting area” and the LED is green, it means youclamped the boundary wire ends incorrectly. Just reverse them.5. MaintenanceYour Landroid®M needs to be checked from

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To maximize the battery’s life, it is recommended to fully charge thebattery before storage during winter. To only charge the battery you:• Connect the Boundary Wire (21) to the Charging Base (4).• Connect the Charging Base to a power source. • Place the Landroid®M in the Charging Base.• Press the On/Off Key. (See Fig. J)• Then press the Home Key. (See Fig. K)• Close the Control Panel Cover. (See Fig. L)• Allow the Landroid®M to charge for at least 1.5 hrs.The Boundary Wire can

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Rotate the Blade Disc to make sure it moves freely and that there is not anything lodged between it and the surroundingMotor Frame Box. Also, make sure the Blades are able to spin freely and that there's no grass obstructing them.IMPORTANT: Remove any lodged debris so that it does not cause a crack in the Blade Disc. Even the tiniest crack candecrease your Landroid®M's mowing output.C. Clean the contact pins and the charging stripsClean the Contact Pin (3) located on the Charging Base (4) and t

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5.5 Replacing the batteryWARNING: Press the ON/OFF Key to OFF before attempting any adjustment, replacement or repair.If you need to replace the Battery, follow these steps:1. Gently Turn your Landroid®M upside down.2. Remove the four screws on the battery. (See Fig. Q)3. Take out the old battery. (See Fig. R)4. Put in the new battery.5. Firmly replace the 4 screws.RQEnvironmental Protection16Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where faciliti

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Declaration of Conformitywe,POSITEC Germany GmbH Konrad-Adenauer-Ufer 37 50668 KölnDeclare that the productDescription WORX Lawn Mowing RobotType WG794E (790-799-Designation of machinery, representative of lawn mowing robot)Function Cutting grassComplies with the following Directives,Machinery Directive 2006/42/ECElectromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/ECRoHS Directive 2011/65/EUNoise Emission in the Environment by Equipment for Use Outdoors Directive2000/14/EC amended by 2005/88/ECCon

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BedienungsanleitungINHALT181. Sicherheitsvorschriften1.1 Allgemeine Sicherheitshinweise für Elektrowerkzeuge1.2 Informationen zum Landroid®M1919212. Technische Daten und Lieferumfang2.1 Technische Daten2.2 Komponenten2222233. Wissenswertes zu Ihrem Landroid®M3.1 Wie weiß mein Landroid®M, wo er mähen soll?3.2 Wie weiß mein Landroid®M, wohin er fahren soll? A. Ladebasis finden B. Regensensor C. Begrenzungskabel erkennen D. Beim Mähen stoppen und wieder starten3.3 Welche Fläche kann mein

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1. Sicherheitsvorschriften1.1 Allgemeine Sicherheitshinweise für ElektrowerkzeugeWARNUNG: Lesen Sie alle Sicherheitshinweise und Anweisungen. Versäumnisse bei derEinhaltung der Sicherheitshinweise und Anweisungen können elektrischen Schlag, Brand und/oder schwere Verletzungen verursachen.Lesen Sie die Bedienungsanleitung zum sicheren Betrieb des Gerätes aufmerksam durch.Bewahren Sie alle Sicherheitshinweise und Anweisungen für die Zukunft auf.• Dieses Gerät ist nicht zur Verwendung durch

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2. Hinweis zum Automatikbetrieb des Robotersa) Den WORX Landroid®M niemals verwenden, wenn sich Personen – besonders Kinder – oder Haustiere in der Näheaufhalten.3.a) b) c) Generelle Hinweise zum Umgang mit RasenmähernNur bei Tageslicht oder gutem künstlichen Licht mähen.Nach Möglichkeit nicht in nassem Gras arbeiten.Tragen Sie beim Mähen stets festes Schuhwerk und eine lange Hose. Den Rasenmäher nicht barfuß oder mit offenenSandalen benutzen.d) Auf schrägen Flächen stets auf sich