Wiko Ridge Mobile Phone User Manual

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Wiko Ridge Mobile Phone User Manual

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User guideGuide d’utilisateurManuale d’usoGuía de usuarioGuia de utilizaçãoBedienungsanleitungHandleidingInstrukcja obsługiwikomobile.com

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User guideThe contents of this manual may differ in certain respectsfrom the description of your phone depending on its softwareversion and your telephone operator.

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CONGRATULATIONS !You have just purchased your WIKO RIDGE 4G mobilephone. This guide contains all the information neededto use the phone so that you can quickly familiariseyourself, we hope, with the world of WIKO.Copyright © 2014 WIKOThe information contained in this manual may not bedisclosed to third parties or reproduced in any formwhatsoever without the express written consent of WIKO.TrademarksWIKO is a registered trademark of WIKO SAS.DisclaimerThis manual has been prepared with the utm

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coverage, services, or network or system capacity(mobile or other). The responsibility of WIKO and itsauthorised after-sales service is limited only to thecost of repair and/or replacement of the unit duringthe warranty period.WIKO IS NOT LIABLE IN THE CASE OF NEGLIGENCE, WHETHER CONTRACTUAL OR BASED ONTORT, FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTALOR SPECIAL DAMAGE, LEGAL FEES, EXPENSES, ORANY OTHER DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USEBY YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY OF THE CONTENT ORSERVICES ACCESSIBLE THROUGH

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Getting to Know Your Phone3.5 mm headphone jackEarpieceFront cameraCamera lensFlash LEDVolume +/On-Off/LockTouch screenHomeReturnMenuLoudspeakerMicro USB port

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~ The buttons on your phoneButtonFunctionOn/OffPress and hold the button to turn the phone on or off.Press the button lightly to lock the touch screen.HomeReturns to the home screen and opens Google NOW (press andhold the button).MenuOpens the list of recent applications.ReturnReturns to the previous screen.Closes the onscreen keyboard.VOLUME + / -Increases or decreases the call volume, the ringtone, music,games and other audio functions.Switch the ringtone to silent mode when the phone ri

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Getting Started~ Inserting the SIM cardsIn order to use your telephone you need toinsert your SIM card. The slots are locatedon either side of the mobile phone.You may insert 2 SIM cards (1 Micro SIM + 1Nano SIM), or 1 Micro SIM + 1 microSD card.Insert the SIM cards following the diagrams.12

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~ Installing Memory CardYour phones takes a MicroSD memory card of up to64 GB.Insert the microSD memory card following the diagrambelow.~ Charging the BatteryA flashing red light indicates that the battery level isvery low : the battery should be recharged because,if the level is too low, it may shorten the life of thebattery.Connect the charger to a power outlet and the microUSB connector to the phone’s USB port.The phone’s status indicator changes to red, indicatingthat the device is cha

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For more information, refer to the Safety Information section.~ Turning the Phone On and OffTo turn the phone on, press on the ON/OFF button andhold it down until the phone begins to vibrate.If your SIM card is locked, you must enter the correctPIN code to unblock the SIM card when the phone ispowered up. Your PIN is supplied by your operator;if you did not receive it or have lost it, please contactthem.When the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, themobile phone is blocked and has to be unb

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Basic Operations~ Network Connection~ SIM ManagementThe first time the phone is turned on, or when youchange SIM card(s) and re-start the phone, theAccess point settings menu will be brought up. Presson Select.SIM1 is configured as the default SIM card for dataconnection.To modify the default settings, go to Settings > DEVICE> Dual SIM Settings.Now you can :1. Personalise the informations on the SIM card byclicking on the SIM Card you want to modify. You canmodify the name and the icon of the SI

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• Enabling Data ConnectionTo check your data connection settings :1. Go to Settings >WIRELESS & NETWORKS > More…> Mobile networks > Access point names, then enablethe access point according to your operator/package.2. Return to the menu WIRELESS & NETWORKS, verifythat the “Mobile data” button is activated.• 4G ServiceIf you have two SIM cards inserted, only one of themcan be enabled to receive the 4G service. You areadvised to enable SIM1 for the best performance. Ifyou want to chang

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~ NotificationsNotification icons on the status bar4G3GConnected to Wi-FiSignal strengthBluetooth enabledConnected to 4GGPS in useConnected to HSPA+ (3G++)Voice call in progressConnected to HSPA (3G+)Call waitingConnected to 3GMissed callConnected to EDGESynchronisingConnected to GPRSNew mailNo signalAlarm onRoamingSilent mode onWi-Fi availableNew voicemail

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DownloadingConnected to computerBattery levelNew SMS or MMSPress onto clear all temporary notifications(applications that are running are still listed).Drag a notification to the left or right to clear it.To close the panel, drag it upwards or press onRETURN.To access the settings panel, press on.Airplane mode onDepending on the application, notifications may beaccompanied by a beep, vibration or a flashing LED.Notifications PanelDrag the status bar downwards to see details of allyour notificati

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~ Using the MenusThe menus on your phone take the form of acontextual menu or an options menu.Contextual MenuThe options menu suggests actions or settings forthe current screen or application but not for a specificitem as is the case for the contextual menu.Note : some screens do not have options menus.To bring up a contextual menu, press and hold onan item on the screen: the contextual menu thensuggests various actions associated with the item.For example, if you press and hold on an SMS, the

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Safety InformationPlease read this safety information carefully so thatyou can use your phone in complete safety :1. Children : Be very careful with children and yourphone.A mobile phone contains a number of detachableparts. Exercise great care when children are in closeproximity to the phone. The phone contains smallparts that could be swallowed or cause choking.If your phone is equipped with a camera or lightingdevice, do not use it too near children or animals.2. Hearing : Prolonged lis

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It is dangerous to use your phone inside a professionalgarage.5. Electronic implants and pacemakers : Users whowear a pacemaker or who are fitted with an electronicimplant must hold the phone on the opposite side totheir implant as a precaution when making a call.If you notice that your phone is causing interferencewith a pacemaker, switch it off immediately andcontact the manufacturer of the pacemaker for adviceon what action to take.6. Fire hazard : Do not leave your device near heatsource

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12. Maintenance : If you want to clean your handset,use a dry cloth (do not use a solvent, such as benzene,or alcohol).13. Recharge your phone in a well ventilated area.Do not recharge your device when it is resting on asoft surface.14. Damage to magnetic strips : Keep your phoneaway from credit cards as they may damage the dataon the magnetic strips.15. Do not use the mobile phone in the environmentat too high or too low temperature, never exposethe mobile phone under strong sunshine or too

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~ Important operating guidelinesBatteries - SIM - Emergency calls - SAR - Repairs1. To increase the life of your battery, only use WIKOchargers and batteries. Replacing the battery witha non-compliant model may result in the latterexploding.2. Never throw batteries on a fire and follow theguidelines in force for recycling used batteries andphones.3. Be careful not to crush or damage the battery,as this could cause an internal short circuit andoverheating.4. Do not take the battery apart.5. The b