Wiko Riff2 Mobile Phone User Manual

User manual for the device Wiko Riff2 Mobile Phone

Wiko Riff2 Mobile Phone User Manual

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User guideGuide d’utilisateurManuale d’usoGuía de usuarioGuia de utilizaçãoBedienungsanleitungGebruikershandleidingInstrukcja obsługiwikomobile.com

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User guideThe contents of this manual may differ in certain respectsfrom the description of your phone depending on its softwareversion and your telephone operator.

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CONGRATULATIONS!You have just purchased your WIKO RIFF2 mobile phone.This guide contains all the information needed to use thephone so that you can quickly familiarise yourself, wehope, with the world of WIKO.Copyright © 2015 WIKOThe information contained in this manual may not bedisclosed to third parties or reproduced in any formwhatsoever without the express written consent of WIKO.TrademarksWIKO is a registered trademark of WIKO SAS.DisclaimerThis manual has been prepared with the utmost ca

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coverage, services, or network or system capacity(mobile or other). The responsibility of WIKO and itsauthorised after-sales service is limited only to thecost of repair and/or replacement of the unit duringthe warranty period.WIKO IS NOT LIABLE IN THE CASE OF NEGLIGENCE, WHETHER CONTRACTUAL OR BASED ONTORT, FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTALOR SPECIAL DAMAGE, LEGAL FEES, EXPENSES, ORANY OTHER DAMAGES RESULTING FROM THE USEBY YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY OF THE CONTENT ORSERVICES ACCESSIBLE THROUGH

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1. Getting to know your phoneLED torchReceiverCamera lensLCD screenUSB connectorCentre selection keyand navigation keysSIM1 CallSIM2 CallBack buttonCall end/On-Off3.5 mm jack

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2. Setting upInserting the SIM cardsInstalling Memory CardIn order to use your telephone, you need to insertyour SIM Card. The back cover of the phone is clippedon. Please unclip it using the notch on the cover, following the contour of the phone. Insert the SIM cardsfollowing the diagrams below.Your phones takes a MicroSD memory card of up to32 GB.Insert the microSD memory card following the diagram below.

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Charging your phoneYour phone is powered by a rechargeable battery.To attain maximum performance, a new battery needsto be fully charged and discharged three times. Oncethe battery is fully charged, disconnect the charger.When the charger is connected, a flashing cylindricalicon indicates the battery level. When the icon stopsflashing, your battery is fully charged. The battery mayheat up when charging.Note : Only use manufacturer-approved phone batteries, chargers and accessories; the use of

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3. Initial start-upIcons and definitionsSIM 1 signal strengthSIM 2 signal strengthNew messageMissed callBluetooth onBattery charge levelAlarm onGeneral mode onMeeting mode onExternal mode onUsing RIFF2 functions1.Turning on/offInsert the SIM card into the slot as shown in the diagram, insert the batterythen press the On/Off key for three seconds. To turn your phone off, pressthe On/Off key for three seconds.2. Making a callEnter your contact’s number from the standby screen, then press the SIM

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4. Call logOn the Home screen, press the SIM1 or SIM2 key toaccess the Call Log, then select a call entry and usethe centre selection key to access available options.5. Options during a callIf you have activated call waiting with your operator,press Options during the conversation; you can put theactive call on hold and retrieve it later. Other functionsare available in the Options list.6. TorchOn the Home screen, long press the top of the centreselection key to turn the LED torch on/ off.7. Mus

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4. FAQ1. How do I lock/unlock the keypad ?From the standby screen, press the centre selectionkey, then press *.4. How can I modify my shortcuts ?Select Settings > Phone settings > Shortcuts.Assign shortcuts to the navigation keys.2. How do I turn the Silent mode on ?From the standby screen, long press the # key. Pressagain to turn it off.5. How can I restore the phone’s factory settings ?Select Settings > Restore factory settings.The default password is 1234.If you wish to modify the p

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5. Safety InformationPlease read this safety information carefully so thatyou can use your phone in complete safety:1. Children: Be very careful with children and yourphone.A mobile phone contains a number of spare parts.Exercise great care when children are in closeproximity to the phone. The phone contains smallparts that could be swallowed or cause choking.If your phone is equipped with a camera or lightingdevice, do not use it too near children or animals.2. Hearing: Prolonged listening at f

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It is dangerous to use your phone inside a professionalgarage.5. Electronic implants and pacemakers: Users whowear a pacemaker or who are fitted with an electronicimplant must hold the phone on the opposite side totheir implant as a precaution when making a call.If you notice that your phone is causing interferencewith a pacemaker, switch it off immediately andcontact the manufacturer of the pacemaker for adviceon what action to take.6. Fire hazard: Do not leave your device near heatsources such

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12. Maintenance: If you want to clean your handset,use a dry cloth (do not use a solvent, such as benzene,or alcohol).13. Recharge your phone in a well ventilated area.Do not recharge your device when it is resting on asoft surface.14. Damage to magnetic strips: Keep your phoneaway from credit cards as they may damage the dataon the magnetic strips.15. Do not use the mobile phone in an environmentat too high or too low temperature, never exposethe mobile phone under strong sunshine or too wetenv

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~ Important operating guidelinesBatteries - SIM - Emergency calls - SAR - Repairs1. To increase the life of your battery, only use WIKOchargers and batteries. Replacing the battery witha non-compliant model may result in the latterexploding.2. Never throw batteries on a fire and follow theguidelines in force for recycling used batteries andphones.3. Be careful not to crush or damage the battery,as this could cause an internal short circuit andoverheating.4. Do not take the battery apart.5. The b

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guidelines (ICNIRP1) on exposure to radio frequencies.These guidelines, which are based on various studiesand research, have been developed by independentscientific organisations to ensure the safety ofeveryone who uses a mobile phone.The safety information on exposure to radio wavesuses a unit of measurement known as SAR (SpecificAbsorption Rate). The international guidelines haveset this limit at 2W/kg*. The phone is used in standardoperating positions when being tested for its SAR.1Internatio

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belt-clip or holder for carrying the phone, it must notcontain any metal and should be kept at a minimumdistance of 1.5 cm from your body.*The SAR limit for mobile devices is 2.0 watts /kilogram (W/kg) averaged over ten grams of bodytissue. SAR values may vary according to thestandards for reporting information that are in forcein different countries.Tips for Reducing Exposure LevelsWe recommend that you use your phone in goodreception conditions in order to reduce the amount ofradiation receive

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Data Use AgreementRegistering your WIKO phone is a free service offeredby WIKO that allows our engineers to connect to yourphone’s physical data so that they can tell what yourmodel and hardware specifications are in real time.In return, the engineers can keep you informed ofupdates that are available for your system and warnyou in case of a recognised technical failure on amodel or series. In addition, this service allows us toalert you instantly if there is a malfunction so that wecan provid

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order to access the physical data on your phone. Theywill be kept by WIKO in a dedicated, secure location fora maximum of three years from the date of collection,depending on the nature of the data. The datarecipient is WIKO SAS.You have the right to access, modify, rectify or deleteyour personal data submitted upon registration. Youmay exercise this right by writing to WIKO SAS, 1 rueCapitaine Dessemond, 13007 MARSEILLE, FRANCE.~ RecyclingThe symbol of a crossed-out wheelie-bin,as found in this