Yarvik Ingenia X1 SMP53-210 Mobile Phone User Manual

User manual for the device Yarvik Ingenia X1 SMP53-210 Mobile Phone

Yarvik Ingenia X1 SMP53-210 Mobile Phone User Manual

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Yarvik smartphone manualManualHandleidingAnleitungManuelManualManualeManualInstrukcja obsługiManuálManuálManualManuellHåndbokPriročnikPriručnikLeírásНаръчникManualРуководствоПосібник користувачаΟδηγίες Χρήσηςfile:///Volumes/Product_Data/SMP53-210/R&D/HTML%20Manual/index.html[01-02-13 17:15:36]

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Yarvik smartphone manualIndex SELECT LANGUAGE1 Prior to first use2 Smartphone Startup3 Android HomeScreen3.1 Adding widgets andshortcuts to your HomeScreen3.2 Setting a Wallpaper3.3 Application Menu4 Setting up yourSmartphone4.1 Settings Menu4.2 WiFi & Bluetooth4.3 Audio Profiles4.4 Display4.5 Apps4.6 Storage & MicroSDmemory Access4.7 Language & input4.8 Date & time5 Apps6 Phone Calls7 Messaging8 Warranty Statement9 GNU/GPL LicensingInfo10 ImportantInformation file:///Volumes/Product_Data/SMP53

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Yarvik smartphone manual1 Prior to first useDear user,Thank you for purchasing our product.To ensure you a quick and convenient use of your new Yarvik Smartphone, please read theseinstructions carefully prior to use.We hope you will absolutely enjoy your Yarvik Smartphone for the longest time possible!Please note:• Your Yarvik Smartphone is ahigh precision electronicproduct, do not try todisassemble the Smartphone,as this will void your warrantyand may result inmalfunctioning of the device;•

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Yarvik smartphone manual• Only use permitted batteries,chargers and accessories withyour Yarvik Smartphone. Theuse of any other products withthe Smartphone can bedangerous and may violate thewarranty regulations;• Only use a slightly wet cottoncloth to clean the Smartphone,and only use water to wettenthe cotton cloth. TheSmartphone should not becleaned with any sort of (glass)cleaning aid. You may go ahead and use your Yarvik Smartphone right out of the box, without charging the batteryfirs

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Yarvik smartphone manualAndroid Lock ScreenSlide the lock bar (A) to the right to unlock the Smartphone. You will then be taken to the Android HomeScreen.Return to index3 Android Home Screenfile:///Volumes/Product_Data/SMP53-210/R&D/HTML%20Manual/manual_en.html[01-02-13 17:15:49]

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Yarvik smartphone manualAndroid Home Screen On top of the Smartphone’s screen you can always find the status bar.The status bar displays system information, while the lower menu bar contains the function buttons.1 - Wi-Fi Signal Indicator2 - Cellular network reception for SIM1 and SIM2 and Battery Level Indicator3 - System Time4 - App Shortcuts5 - Widget (analog clock)6 - Back button - brings you back to the previous screen, or previous website when using the Browser7 - Home - brings you back

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Yarvik smartphone manualClick on a running app in the multitask view to quickly switch to it. You can close running apps by longpressing it and clicking "Remove from list".Return to indexAdding widgetsand3.1 shortcuts toyourHome ScreenTo add a widget, press the app and widget button in the bottom center of your Home Screen:In the following screen, you can find all the installed apps and widgets, both seperately viewable bypressing "Apps" or "Widgets" on top of the screen respectively.Press "Widg

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Yarvik smartphone manualPress "Apps" to view all installed apps.Press and hold the desired app to have the home screen show up and release the shortcut to any emptyspot on the Home Screen.To remove widgets and/or app shortcuts from your Home Screen, press and hold them and drag them tothe appeared "Remove" dustbin icon on top of your Home Screen.Return to index3.2Setting aWallpaperTo change the Home Screen wallpaper, press and hold the Home Screen until the “Select Wallpaperfrom” menu comes

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Yarvik smartphone manualApplication ScreenReturn to indexSetting up your4 YarvikSmartphone4.1 Settings MenuPress the Settings iconin the Application Menu to enter the Settings menu. In the Settings menu youcan find the options to set up your Yarvik Smartphone.file:///Volumes/Product_Data/SMP53-210/R&D/HTML%20Manual/manual_en.html[01-02-13 17:15:49]

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Yarvik smartphone manualSettings Menu We will go through the most important parts:Return to index4.2WiFi &BluetoothWi-FiSet up a connection with a wireless Wi-Fi network.Slide the On/Off button to "On" to activate Wi-Fi.file:///Volumes/Product_Data/SMP53-210/R&D/HTML%20Manual/manual_en.html[01-02-13 17:15:49]

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Yarvik smartphone manualThe available Wi-Fi networks appear in the network list at the right screen. Tap the network of yourchoice. If the network is secured, you’re prompted to enter the network security key.Press the “Connect” button and the Smartphone is connecting to the network.Once “Connected” appears underneath the network name and the wireless reception icon is shown in thebottom status bar, you’re successfully connected to the wireless network. Viewing your Yarvik Smartphon

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Yarvik smartphone manualClick on the discovered Bluetooth device to pair your Yarvik Smartphone with it.The "Bluetooth pairing request" window will appear:Most Bluetooth devices require a pin code to connect. This code usually is 0000 or 1234. Please refer tothe instructions manual of your Bluetooth device if the pin code is different.After you have entered the correct pin code, press "OK".Your Yarvik Smartphone will now start pairing with your Bluetooth device, and after a few seconds theconnec

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Yarvik smartphone manualHere you can change the brightness of the display, font sizes and the auto sleep time.Please note that the higher the display brightness, the higher the energy consumption. This will drain yourbattery substantially faster.If you don’t want the display to auto rotate as you tilt the Smartphone, you can enable/disable thisfunctionality in the Auto-rotate screen setting.Return to index4.5 AppsHere you can manage applications that are installed on your Yarvik Smartphone.You

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Yarvik smartphone manualClick on the button "Turn on USB storage".A notification window will appear:Click on "OK" to confirm.The internal memory of your Yarvik Smartphone will now appear as Mass Storage Drive in yourcomputer's file system, and can be used e.g. to copy files from and to your Yarvik Smartphone.If you have a MicroSD card in your Smartphone, the card will be recognized by the computer as a secondMass Storage Drive.To stop using the Mass Storage Device function, click on the "Turn of

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Yarvik smartphone manualOpen the ES File Explorer app and click on the Favorites button (with the blue star icon).The Favorites menu now unfolds. Click on the "root" icon labeled with "/":You will now reach the "root" of the Smartphone's file system, containing several files and folders.Locate and click on the "mnt" folder:The "mnt" folder now opens, showing several folders:The "sdcard" folder is the internal memory of your Yarvik Smartphone.The "sdcard2" folder is your MicroSD card (when insert

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Yarvik smartphone manualReturn to index4.8 Date & timeHere you can setup the date and the time for your Yarvik Smartphone.Return to index5 AppsThe Yarvik Smartphone will come with pre-installed Apps (see below examples):The appearance of app icons may change without prior notice.Return to index6 Phone CallsMaking phone callsTo make a phone call with your Yarvik Smartphone, open the "Phone" application from your applicationmenu or Android home screen:file:///Volumes/Product_Data/SMP53-210/R&D/HTM

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Yarvik smartphone manualUse the numeric phone keypad to enter the telephone number.Phone keypad. To make international phone calls, requiring the '+' prefix, press and hold the '0' on the keypad until the '+'appears.Press the call handling buttonto engage the phone call.to disengage the phone call.Press the call handling buttonYou can also make phone calls directly from your contacts from within the "People" application.Recent calls are stored in the Call Log screen, accessible by pressing the

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Yarvik smartphone manual1 - Show the phone keypad (e.g. for DTMF option menu's);2 - Enable/disable loud speaker function;3 - Mute microphone;4 - Put phone call on hold;5 - Menu with more options: add an additional phone call (conversation call) or record the phone call. Call forwardingYou can set the call forwarding feature to forward all incoming phone calls to a specific phone number.In the "Phone" app, press the menubutton and select "Call settings".Select "Voice call", in which you can choo

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Yarvik smartphone manualMessaging application.1 - Add attachments like pictures, audio and video's. Messages with attachment are automaticallyconsidered MMS messages;2 - Message settings menu;3 - Recipient field;4 - Add recipient;5 - Message conversation overview;6 - Message input;7 - Send message button. Set voicemail number/playback voicemail messagesTo set your voicemail service number in your Yarvik Smartphone, open the "Phone" application from yourapplication menu or Android home screen:Pr

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Yarvik smartphone manualmaterials for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase by Customer. If, at any time during thewarranty period, the product has a defect in workmanship or material, Customer should return the productto the dealer where the product has been purchased. Dealer shall repair or replace it (at Yarvik's soleoption) within a reasonable period of time. An original invoice is required as proof of the purchase date.Yarvik's option with respect to this matter shall be final.This